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Former Lead Developer at Qtum. Blockchain advisor for Qihoo 360. Member of the China Electronics Society Blockchain Expert Committee. After graduating from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiaolong joined Microsoft and then the Tencent Timi Studio as a software developer.

Xiaolong Xu

Co-founder & CTO

Former securities analyst at Orient Securities. Four-year serial entrepreneur in pan-entertainment industry. Master of Finance from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.



Google X Senior software engineer. Expert at distributed systems. 10+ years of software development experience. Research and development of Google core products such as Google+, Google Drive, and YouTube. Previous head of Accenture technology architect. Master from George Washington University, USA.

Matt Benice

Lead Developer (Global)

Vice President at HP Asia Pacific Ph.D of University of Cambridge. For three consecutive years, she ranks the Top 10 of the Fortune’s Top 50 Women in business outside the U.S.

Ms Lien Siaou Sze

Core Business Advisor

COO at Riot China. Gaming veteran with profound consumer insights in Greater China. Former management role at HTC and iFlow Systems.

Daniel Wang

Gaming Advisor

CEO and Founder of QuarkChain, Software engineer & expert in high-performance systems; Former Googler and 15+years development experience; PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Qi Zhou


Executive Director of Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at HCT. Formerly Managing Director at Naseba Capital, Director of KAUST Innovation Fund, Managing Partner at EonTech Ventures. Early stage investor in fast-growing technology-driven companies worldwide. INSEAD MBA.

Nicola Bettio

Core MENA Advisor

Founder of Workzpace.com Blockchain expert consultant. Independent council member of Gerson Lehman Group, director of TradeHero in Shanghai.

Adrian Lam


President of STK Group Chairman of Nanyang Technological University Shanghai Alumni Association. Author of distinguished individual monographs.

Genlin Shen